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2015 : Time For A New Commitment

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About 6 months ago, we decided to finally really push ourselves hard on the workout front and looked all over the place nearby in order to find a bootcamp – cross-fit style workout that we could do nearby. Neither of us like to get up early but we realized that the only way we could fit a workout into our schedule was to get up before everyone else. So we found a bootcamp which started at 530(!)AM every weekday and 730AM on the weekends. Each day we could get a really intense, cross-fit style workout, which mixes both weight training and cardio. Of course, we started, and were able to see some great strides towards better health and weight loss at the beginning – but then we got sloppy on the food! We dropped off Paleo and reverted to your typical Standard American Diet (SAD). Which is SAD by the way, since started gaining weight again.

Proof to the fact that its not exercise, but diet that makes the difference. You can workout like a fiend every day, but if you don’t eat properly,  it won’t make a damn bit of difference.  Armed by this knowledge, we signed up for our gyms 6 week challenge, a meal plan add on which, while not fully Paleo, reignited our weight loss. Between Kitty and I, we’ve lost over 10 pounds, just in the first week. So things look good.

Typically, I don’t like to do thing like New Years resolutions (I figure that you shouldn’t have to wait for any specific day to start a new regimen – personally I figure if you want to do it – you should just do it) but in this case, everything lined up and we are cranking. As I type this, we are smoking a few chickens in the smoker, I’ve got my new remote thermometer checking on the temperature, and I just got back to doing pull-ups.

2015’s looking pretty good so far, so we’re hoping to keep it rocking. We’ll be posting here a lot more often as we keep working on our diet and exercise, would love to hear your stories as well. If you’ve be interested in wring for us, please let me know.