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Essential Reading:The Paleo Solution

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A great book for someone who wants to know the “why” of Paleo as well as the how. Not a lot of fancy photos (in fact I think none, which makes this a good Kindle purchase) and recipes, just straight up data (in fact almost too much data – at one point I think I got lost in all the data) on why this is the best damn diet for a human being. Everything is laid out pretty clearly, including how both government and Big Food conspire to keep us fat & sick on the foods we eat. Yes, this is also where I find out that there are a lot of libertarians on the Paleo diet. Speaks to us, you know…

Do you want to lose fat and stay young, all while avoiding cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Parkinsons, Alzheimers and a host of other illnesses? The Paleo Solution incorporates the latest, cutting edge research from genetics, biochemistry and anthropology to help you look, feel and perform your best. Written by Robb Wolf, a research biochemist who traded in his lab coat and pocket protector for a whistle and a stopwatch to become one of the most sought after strength and conditioning coaches in the world. With Robbs unique perspective as both scientist and coach you will learn how simple nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes can radically change your appearance and health for the better.

via The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet: Robb Wolf, Loren Cordain: 9780982565841: Books.