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How to do the paleo diet quicker

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CAVEMEN had all the time in the world.

Those single-minded Homo sapiens didn’t have to worry about multitasking or time clocks. Which is why weary home cooks following a gluten-free diet – or simply trying to feed their families fresh, healthful food – may say “paleo-schmaleo” when trying to follow in our ancestors’ knuckle-dragging steps.

The much-hyped paleo diet – or lifestyle, if you will – tosses out the agricultural products incorporated into the human diet over the past, say, 10,000 years in favor of a whole-foods approach to eating meat, plants and seafood that dates back to cave-dwelling days.

While paleo eaters can take everything from a Unitarian to a Pentecostal approach to the regime, a common thread is steering clear of dairy, legumes, gluten, sugar, soy and processed foods, all proclaimed as harbingers of the modern diseases of civilization.

The problem is time.

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