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Loving My Vibram FiveFingers

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vibram five fingers

I bought these a year ago when they were really hot and didn’t wear them for a while. When I started hiking with my kids I started with big heavy hiking shoes, then went to regular running shoes, then when we started Paleo I thought I’d start using these again. And now I love them! I hike with them (very cool to almost get a true feel of the trail under your feet) I walk to the gym and back with them, and also wear them on the exercise bike for our daily HIIT training. I even wear them to do my kettlebell swings when its cold out – typically should kettlebell barefoot, but these are great. They take a little getting used to, but once you do, you’ll love them. I don’t have the exact same ones as above (I have these ones) but I’m probably going to buy these as well – I like the look, I might even be able to wear them to work 😉

Built to be simple, comfortable and easy to put on, the ELX is the perfect introduction to FiveFingers.  With an ultra thin sole, this shoe connects you to your environment while packing easily and showing you what FiveFingers are all about.

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