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Paleo diet ranks last on best diets list

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paleo diet

Here we have a perfect example of what reporting has turned into nowadays – these articles are basically devoid of fact and are just pushing their corporatist line – I wonder who the top advertisers on US News & World Report are – my guess is a ton of firms whose livelihood depends on us ingesting disgusting quantities of corn and sugar.

This is why journalism is dying in this country – no one is interested in reporting the truth – they are all just interested in pushing their own beliefs on the rest of us. No wonder newspapers are dying and people are turning to “amateur” blogs and bloggers for their news – at least we are honest about our predilections and don’t attempt to present ourselves as “fair and balanced” – even when we are.

Maybe journalists should try for honesty – works for us.

Followers of the Paleo Diet may go prehistoric on U.S. News & World Report this week. The publication has ranked the controversial diet last on its “Best Diets Overall” list for 2014.

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