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Paleo fan? 4 ways to make the primitive diet work for you

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Ok While I love the fact that they are featuring Paleo on the Today website, why do they always have to run it with the caveat that you still needs GRAINS.

When will people get it through their heads that grains and sugars are the problem, not the solution?

We can happily survive with plenty of meat and non-starchy vegetables. We don’t need grains. I wish the mainstream media would actually report that every now and then. Then again they haven’t been known for the truth lately have they?

If you’ve not already tried the paleo diet, your carnivorous friends probably have. People who follow the carb-shunning menu believe it can doing everything from keep diabetes in check to speeding weight loss through the elimination of refined sugar, dairy and processed foods.

As much a philosophy as an eating plan, the paleo lifestyle is based on the idea that paleolithic humans — our ancestors who lived 10,000 years ago — had a superior diet. It’s a carnivore’s paradise, promoting grass-fed meats and animal protein for every meal, including parts you may have typically discarded, like organs. It also encourages all kinds of vegetables, fruit, eggs, seafood, raw nuts and seeds, and added fats such as avocado and olive oil. Some starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes and yams are included.So far, so good.

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