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Paleo isn’t (always) magic

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Something I tell everyone who’s watching my wife and I lose the weight on Paleo: it really is a full -on lifestyle change. You must be totally ready to take on every aspect of your food and exercise. No more excuses. When we first started Paleo, we were being half-hearted about it and actually gained weight. Then we learned about the different flavors of Paleo, picked the one for weight loss, and made the commitment to it. Since we committed fully to the diet, we’ve both lost weight and inches. It can be done, but like most things it life, it must be done consistently.

Consider this scenario: your sister, close friend or colleague at work has been raving about the Paleo diet. They lost tons of weight and felt better than they had in years, and it’s all they could talk about. You were skeptical at first, but heck, you saw the changes they experienced with your own eyes and eventually you got curious. So you went out and bought The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf and started doing some research on the Paleo diet online. The more you learned about it, and the more success stories you heard, the more excited you got.

Then you heard about a 30-day Paleo diet challenge coming up at your local CrossFit gym, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get started. You signed up, envisioning a slimmer, healthier and more energetic version of yourself. It all seemed so promising.

But things didn’t quite turn out how you thought they would. After about a week on the program, you got constipated and the gas and bloating issue you already had coming into the program got worse, not better. Or, your sugar cravings were so intense you could hardly fight them off, and by the time the afternoon rolled around you were exhausted. Or maybe you not only didn’t lose weight, you actually gained a couple of pounds.

Does this sound familiar?

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