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Welcome To 2013 – Time To Bust Out The Kettlebells Or…

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… whatever you happen to be using for your workouts…

Personally I like to do a 20 minute workout which I found in Kettlebell Health and Fitness magazine I’m not even sure if that magazine is still being produced but it was a pretty damn good workout

the 20/20 workout is named so because the exercises consist of 20 repetitions per arm followed by 20 seconds of rest in between the exercises. All of the exercises in the routine are intended to be performed one arm at a time. This means that the cadence of the set will be 20 repetitions for the right arm and 20 repetitions for the left arm. Once you have completed a set for both the right and left arm, there will be a 20 second period of rest before the next exercise is performed. Once you complete the six exercises, repeat the routine again. Should be able to complete two sets of the entire routine in 20 minutes.

  1. Swings
  2. Clean and press
  3. Snatches
  4. One arm overhead lunges
  5. High  pulls
  6. Suitcase Deadlifts

Anyways basically what we do is schedule it for every three days although nowadays considering it is January and the gym will be ridiculously full it might help us to actually do some more kettle bell training at home as opposed to going to the gym and doing high-intensity interval training on our exercise bikes which is typically what we end up doing but whatever works for you.

It is 2013: time for resolutions, time for looking at revising and reshaping and reforming and exercise is just as key to living paleo as diet is.